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Support For McAfee Activation Call 1-800-274-6143

If you have got a subscription for McAfee product, you’re entitled to updates and reactivate mcafee for the lifetime of the subscription.
One month before your subscription is scheduled to expire, the credit card on file for your account will be automatically billed and your subscription will be extended for another year.

If your Auto-Renewal has been disabled, you will receive a message 11 months after you installed the product to inform you that your license is about to expire. You can then choose to renew your license for another year or purchase an upgrade.

If you purchase a renewal license after your product has expired, you see a pop-up message stating that your McAfee software has expired. Because the expired software cannot receive updates, it also cannot receive notification that the expiration date has changed and you will continue to receive this message after you renew your license. To stop receiving this message, you must uninstall your McAfee software and then reinstall it. If you receive a message that your license has expired less than 11 months after the license was purchased, or for help with the renewal process, contact McAfee Customer Service.

Steps to reinstall your McAfee subscription:-

1. Go to website of McAfee
2. After that Click on Log In
3. Log in using the email address and password you registered with.
4. Mouse over My Account and select Subscriptions.
5. Click Renew for the appropriate service.
6. Follow the prompts and, if requested, type your billing information.
7. After entering your billing details,your McAfee will be reactivate in your system.

How to check McAfee subscription is renewed:-

How to check the subscription of McAfee—-

Check your email inbox for an order confirmation email. The subject of the email is Automatic Renewal Notification and it is sent from The email displays the following information:
The name of the subscriber on the account
The order number for the renewal
The date of the renewal
The name of the product that was renewed
The price of the renewal with any applicable tax

Verify the status of your McAfee subscription in your My Account page:
Open a web browser and go to
Mouse over My Account and select Subscriptions. Your renewal purchase displays here.
Mouse over My Account and select My Profile.
Verify that your expiration date is in the future.